The Back Stretcher

If you have problems with back pain, you sit in front of the computer a lot, or if your back is stiff from exercise, you will probably benefit from a back stretcher. But as there are lots of different back stretchers available and lots of reasons for using them, how do you know which one to choose and whether you even need one? To help you answer that question I will look at the reasons for using a back stretcher, and also the different types you get. Let’s start!

Why Use A Back Stretcher?

To determine whether a back stretcher will benefit you and whether you need one, look at the following reasons for using one:

  • Decrease back pain – If used over time the back stretcher can decrease your back pain by stretching all the muscles.
  • Use to stretch after exercise – You can use it to stretch your back after you have exercised, as your back is involved in most exercises.
  • Improves posture – using a back stretcher can increase your posture over time and make you look longer and leaner (from the better posture)
  • Decreases stiffness in lower and upper back – If you sit a lot during work, then your lower and upper back are probably stiff. A back stretcher can help you to loosen those muscles up.
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion – Using a back stretcher regularly can also increase your flexibility and help you to move better.

Types Of Back Stretchers

There are many different types of back stretchers available – the curved back stretcher, back stretcher machines and chairs and then you also get a back stretcher and ab trainer that exercises your abs while stretching your back. Let’s look at them in more depth:

Curved back stretcher equipment

This type of back stretcher is also called a lumbar back stretcher. They are curved in a similar way to your normal back curves, and they can be used to stretch the upper and lower back. They are much smaller than the back stretcher machines and dual action back stretchers. Let’s have a look at 2 of them – The arched back lumbar stretcher and the stretch mate orthopedic back stretcher.

The Arched Back Lumbar Stretcher

The arched back lumbar stretcher is great for sore muscles, and to relieve stress. It has an arched back support for lumbar and spine health and support. It is portable and can easily be stored away. Here is what others say about this back stretcher:

  • “Super deal, for the money, I highly recommend it.”- Actual user comment from
  • “I love this product.”- Actual user comment from
  • “It does feel very good to stretch the spine like this.”- Actual user comment from

The StretchMate orthopedic back stretcher

The stretch mate realigns and supports the vertebrae, and it eases muscular stiffness and tension. It is designed to conform to the spines natural curves. Here is what others are saying about it:

  • “This is without a doubt the worst product that I have every ordered online “- actual user comment from
  • “This product is great for my back. My wife loves it too”- actual user comment from
  • “Again, a nice addition to my back brace”- actual user comment from

Back stretcher machines

These are steel machines that assist you in stretching your back. The Lynx back stretcher is one of the most popular stretcher machines. Here is more about it:

The P3 Portable Back Stretcher (previously called Lynx back stretcher)

The P3 Portable Back Stretcher (previously called Lynx back stretcher) is used by positioning your feet in the foot support and then applying pressure to the leverage handles to stretch your back and legs. This back stretcher machine can be folded up to be stored in the trunk of your boot. The folded dimension is: 20 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches and weighs in at 6 pounds. Here is what others say about the Lynx back stretcher:

  • “The price (around $100 – 110) seemed high, but when it arrived, I could see why: this is very well made and solidly” -actual user comment from
  • “I only wish I had gotten one years ago! “- Actual user comment from

The back stretcher and ab trainer – dual function machines

Brookstone Back Stretcher & Ab Trainer

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The Brookstone Back Stretcher and Ab Trainer stretches your back while toning your abs. The backwards stretch loosens the muscles in your back while the forward bend exercises your abs in a crunch like manner. It is compact and can be stored away easily in your closet. Here’s what other say about it:

  • “I was quite surprised at how effective it was at exercising my abs.”Actual user comment from
  • “The only issue I have is the seat is small and not very comfortable — I added a pillow! “
  • “This is just what I wanted and needed. It feels great.”Actual user comment from


If you have problems with back pain or if you are constantly stiff from exercise or from sitting too much, then a back stretcher may be able to ease your pain and improve your flexibility and posture. Just make sure that when you decide to invest in a back stretcher that you use it regularly because that’s the only way that you will ever see a difference and get value for your money.

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