The Best Exercise To Lose Weight Fast – Your Free Weightloss Exercise Guide

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The Best exercise to lose weight fast - your free guide

The Best exercise to lose weight fast – your free guide

Exercise – Your Weight Loss Weapon

Exercise. How do you feel about exercise? Some hate it, some love it. But here is just one of the many reasons why you should start loving exercise:

A recent study has shown that there is a dose-response effect between exercise and the amount of belly fat that you have.

What this means is, the more you exercise, the less belly fat you will have and vice versa. Now, excess belly fat is extremely dangerous to you as it surrounds your internal organs, and significantly increase the risk your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, various forms of cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

If you care about the quality of your life and if you care about your loved ones, reducing your abdominal fat should be one of your TOP priorities! There’s just no way around it.

And the easiest way to reduce that dangerous belly fat is to exercise regularly and continuously. The more you exercise, the more you will start loving exercise and the more you will see the health benefits of regular exercise in your daily life.

Some of the positive benefits you can expect include weight loss, healthier skin, hair and nails and an overall improvement on all aspects of your health. And as the study points out, the more exercise you do, the more you will cut your belly fat.

Are that not enough reasons to start loving exercise altogether?

Most of us know that exercise is very important if we want to lose weight. But did you know that exercising regularly is also one of the most important things that you need to do in order to keep the weight off?

A study done by the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), showed that the 76% of the people who’ve kept their weight off (for 5 years or more), did one hour of regular exercise each day. How did those people lose the weight? 94% increased their physical activity , with the most frequently reported form of activity being walking. So exercising regularly is really one of your best weight loss weapons.

And if you want to keep your weight off foreve r, you have to continue with regular exercise each day for the rest of your life. This makes the best exercise to lose weight – REGULAR EXERCISE.

It doesn’t matter if you do the most effective exercises but you only do them half of the time (or every second week).

You will only see real results if you exercise regularly. As seen in the study done by the NWRC, by increasing your daily physical activity, you may lose weight.

And if you exercise for an hour every day you will lose weight and most importantly you will KEEP it off.

Doing the most effective exercises to lose weight is important, but if you want to see any (and lasting) results, you have to exercise at least 3-5 times a week.

Don’t worry, I will share with you my secrets to enjoy exercise just now, so that you can also get to love exercise as much as I.

The Problem

The problem is most people hate to exercise or find it boring and there are almost never enough time to fit in exercise.

I’ve also been so tired after work that the only thing I want to do is collapse in front of the TV, never mind exercise (sounds familiar?).
But nowadays I’m one of those people who LOVE to exercise.

It makes me feel good and I know that what I am doing for my body will make me healhty, strong and will give me the cover model figure that I desire. So what are my secrets? How do I love exercise and what do I do to ensure that I keep on going back to the gym for regular workouts day after day?

I only do exercises that I truly enjoy and I also ask myself 5 questions whenever I choose a new exercise regime and also while I am busy with my new workouts. These questions forms part of what I would like to call “ The Criteria for the best exercise to lose weight.

Keep These Important Criteria In Mind

These criteria for the best exercise is 5 little things that will make a big difference to your workout regime. If you make sure that the exercises you choose comply to all 5 of those things, you will also start to love exercise as much as I.

This is because it will become more interesting, more fun and you will see results faster. To keep things short, here are the 5 questions derived from those criteria, that you need to ask yourself constantly in order to make your exercise stick:

  1. Would/Do I enjoy the exercise?
  2. Do I feel challenged and does it make me sweat?
  3. Will/Am I realistically be able to do those exercises?
  4. Am I still interested in the workouts?
  5. Am I getting any stronger, fitter and better?

Make sure that you answer YES to most of those questions and you will truly start to enjoy your exercise!

Bonus – How To Say Yes To Exercise

Struggling to find exercise to say YES to each of those questions?
For every question asked, I’ve found solutions to help you say YES to that question.

I’ve also included some bonus material to make sure that you enjoy your exercise more and that you stay interested in your workouts. You can find all of it here – How to say Yes to exercise ; including:

  • Smart tips to ensure that you enjoy exercise more
  • A fitness test to you can use to make sure you challenge yourself
  • How to realistically plan your workouts to make it work for you
  • How to stay interested in your workouts and avoid getting bored
  • How to ensure that your body continues on burning calories

The Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Ok, we have established now that the best exercise to lose weight and look great is REGULAR EXERCISE – any activity that you do on a daily basis for at least an hour. Regular exercise sure helped the people in the study done by the NWCR to lose weight and keep it off. If you can remember from the study, 94% of the people in the study lost weight by increasing their daily activity and 76% of those people kept the weight off by continuing with regular exercise. So you can see that exercise is extremely important for losing weight. But you get exercise and then you get VA-VA-VOOM exercise . VA-VA-VOOM exercise is the type of exercise that give you results faster. Those exercise that give you maximum results in minimum time and that actually work.

Normal old boring exercise will only frustrate you as you waste your time and don’t see results as soon as you want.

You want to do the best type of exercise to lose weight – VA-VA-VOOM exercise.

So what is the best type of exercise to lose weight?
I used to think that the best type of exercise to lose weight is circuit training . And while circuit training is excellent for losing weight in less time, I’ve came across something way better.
Do Weight training BEFORE cardio!

Here’s why doing weight training before cardio is best:

“ Resistance training depletes your glycogen stores, which forces you to burn fat to fuel your cardio workout ” says Shape advisory board member Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., the director of fitness research for the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts. Read the full article with other great tips here – Shape magazine’s weight training article.

Here’s what that means – If you do your weight training workout before your cardio workout, you will burn fat with every step you take with your cardio.

This gives you the opportunity to tap directly into your hidden fat stores and to lower your body fat percentage drastically.

Weight training also helps you to build lean muscle mass which boosts your metabolism and calorie burn.

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that women burned on average 100 calories more than they would have after a weight training workout (of about an hour on average).

Burning 100 calories extra for 4 workouts a week can help you to lose 4 and a half pounds of fat (over a year) without even trying! Cardio exercise on the other hand helps you to burn calories to create a calorie deficit in your energy quotation. If you have a big enough deficit in your energy quotation created by exercise (or diet or both), you will lose weight. So in my opinion and what I’ve read from these studies and the great fitness mags, I can say with complete conviction: The best exercise to lose weight is a combination of weight training and cardio with weight training done FIRST. For best weight loss results with the help of exercise do this:

  1. Warm up gently for 5 minutes on a cardio machine
  2. Then do weight training for about 20-30 minutes
  3. And then directly start with your cardio workout (20-40 minutes will do)
  4. Stretch all your worked muscles afterwards
  5. Repeat for at least 4 times a week for best result

You can find handy video instructions of the best cardio exercises and the most effective weight training exercises at Max Workouts . The Max Workout’s site also have an effective fat burning meal plan and exercise program to help you lose weight.

Top Weight Training Workouts To Scorch Off Fat

Weight training (as you’ve seen above) is one of those magical exercises where the fantastic benefits just keep on coming.

You burn tons of calories afterwards, it helps you to shed fat without even trying and it increases your metabolism as you gain more lean muscle mass. And as we’ve seen, weight training can help you to burn 4 and a half pounds of fat over a year, if you do 3 weight training sessions a week. Any type of weight training is excellent for losing weight and getting in excellent shape, but some weight training exercises are just superior. If you are just starting out with weight training, it is perfectly fine if you just stick to the basic exercises in the beginning. But remember what I said in the Criteria of The Best Exercise to Lose Weight – Vary your workouts. Do machines the one day, free weights the next and include some body weight only exercises or use resistance bands, BOSU balls or medicine balls to add vary to your workouts.

And when you are ready to step it up to the next level and burn even more calories and tone up in less time, I’ve got 2 weight training workouts lined up for you that will do just that (see below).

The best weight training workouts to lose weight super fast:

If you are ready to take your weight training to the next level and get results twice as fast as normal routines, you can either do Super-sets or full body workouts.

Super-sets is where you do one exercise after another to tone up twice as fast, and burn a lot more calories.

Full body workouts on the other hand, helps you to tone your whole body in one move – they also save you time and help you tone up faster.

I’ve created two awesome weight training routines which you can alternate as you like. The one includes a fantastic full body workout that tones your entire body from head to toe and the other one is a super-set workout.

You can find these great weight training routines here – The Best Weight Training Workouts to Lose Weight .

Warm up briskly for 5 minutes, pick one of these great weight training workouts and finish off with 20 minutes of cardio.

You can find illustrative and effective videos of these and other great exercises to lose weight at the Max Workouts site – ensuring you do the right exercises the right way.

Cardio – Your Secret To Being Leaner And Smarter

If you want to shed a few pounds, cardio can help you to lose weight by creating an energy deficit. This is because when you do cardio, you burn a lot of calories and if you consume less calories than you burn with your cardio exercise, you will lose weight.

But did you know, regular cardio exercise can also make you calmer, happier and smarter ? Smarter? Cardio can make you smarter? Yes, indeed!
In the July/August 2011 issue of Women’s health magazine , Dr Andrew Frost (neurologist), said: “Cardio exercise boosts memory, attention, accuracy and how quickly you process info, all of which helps you make better decision” .
So if you do regular cardio workouts, you will not only be a pretty body, you will be smarter too.

Beat The Cardio Exercise Boredom

But with cardio workouts, the boredom is very high, much higher than with weight training.

In fact, boredom is the number one thing that stops people from losing weight with cardio. The key to weight loss with cardio = no boredom If you can stay entertained while doing cardio and if you make your workouts more fun, you will do your cardio with a smile and you will automatically do it more often. So, how to beat boredom when you do cardio? Make your cardio exercise fun. Vary your workouts, so don’t you never do the same thing in a row – do cardio machines the one day, jump rope the other and take your cardio outdoors on weekends.

The 3 cardio routines I will share with you just now, is perfect for helping you to give boredom the boot.

All 3 of those cardio workouts are perfect for losing weight and they are also very interesting and fun, so that you will never be bored.

The Best Cardio Exercise To Lose Weight

If you can remember what I said above, you get plain old boring exercise and then you get VA-VA-Voom exercise.

The same is true with cardio, you get boring cardio that are always the same and that isn’t really giving you real results. Then you get VA-VA-Voom cardio – cardio that is fun and never the same; this is really the best type of cardio to lose weight. High energy cardio routines is your answer for the best cardio exercise to lose weight. With high energy cardio routines, you constantly have to focus on changing your speed and levels, that the time just flies by as you have a lot of fun. Such cardio routines is the best for losing weight, as it rev up your metabolism, blast fat and build muscle for a leaner you.

3 Of The Best Cardio Routines To Try Out Today

Here are 3 cardio routines that you can try out to burn tons of calories and fat (they are 3 of my favorites that I do often):

  • Cardio interval training
    • Cardio interval training is best for when you are short on time and it helps you to burn a lot of calories in the little time you have available.
    • Learn how to do cardio interval training here to help you save time and max your available exercise time. Plus find your 20 minute sample workout (yes, you only need 20 minutes).
  • Calorie blasting cardio routine
    • This calorie blasting routine will help you scorch away calories so that you lose more weight
    • You can do it on any gym cardio machine. Just get funky, upbeat music to keep you entertained or watch a TV show.
  • Jump rope workout
    • Jumping rope is a great alternative and a very fun cardio exercise to lose weight quickly
    • Find out here exactly how to jump rope and get your sample jumping rope workout to help you lose weight, while having a lot of fun.

To burn maximum calories and fat, do these cardio routines for 4-5 days a week. And do about 20-40 minutes of weight training before hand to really tap into your fat reserves.

One Of The Best Gifts You Can Give Yourself – Exercise

So, you want to lose weight and you are willing to exercise. Congrats, I’m proud of you! Exercising regularly is one of the best gifts you can give yourself!

It will assure you a healthy, strong and lean body. It will also make you smarter, help you remember better and have more energy.

Plus regular exercise also holds in numerous health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. But how often is necessary for exercise? How many times a week should you exercise?

I try to workout as often as possible (I just love it). But 3-6 times a week would be enough to help you shed your excess pounds.

6 Day Workout Routine To Lose Weight And Burn Off Fat

If you are looking for an easy and effective workout that combines all of these above tips and strategies in a simple to understood way, I’ve done the work for you!

Just tackle t his 5 day workout program and implement it each day and you will start to burn off so much calories that you can’t help but to lose weight and fat.

Click here for your own fat burning, weight loss workout – best workouts to lose weight. This workout is never the same; so you will never be bored doing it.

And as all of the moves are from high energy routines, you will burn maximum fat and get speedy results. Need more routines?

The Max Workout site also has very effective and fun workouts to help you lose weight and get rid of your excess body fat.

I especially love that you can view a video illustration of each exercise; helping you to do the right exercises the right way.

Why don’t you have a look at the Max Workouts today? (here ).

Short On Time?

If you think that you don’t have time for exercise or that the time you have available is too short to do any significant exercise, you will be pleasantly surprised – you can get a great workout in to lose weight if you are short on time. The secret of short exercises to lose weight? Increase the intensity and you will get the benefit of longer exercises in less time. So, no matter if you have only 5, 10 or 20 minutes available, you can benefit from it. And if you do a few 5 or 10 minute workouts a day, it will be equivalent to a longer workout – so no excuses now. Here are 5, 10 and 20 minute workouts that you can do to lose weight in the short amount of time you have available: Short on time best exercise to lose weight.

All of these exercises are high intensity to help you max your time and results.

And if that is not enough, have a look at the Max Workout site for handy video illustrations of these and other great, short exercise to lose weight.
The workouts in the Max Workout program are all short, effective and to the point – helping you to get an effective workout in under 30 minutes or less.

Top Exercise Tips

These exercise tips have really made a difference to my workouts and my life in general. They have helped me to have more fun with my workouts and to burn more fat. Some of these tips that have really stand out for me and made a huge difference are:

  • Always do weight training before cardio
    • As you probable know by now, doing weight training before cardio taps directly into your fat reserves – helping you burn fat faster.
  • Do the exercises you don’t like first
    • That way you will get them done easily and quickly; helping you benefit from those hard to do, but good-for-you exercises to lose weight.
  • Beat your calorie best
    • After your next cardio workout, note your calories burned and try to do more the next time you do the same cardio machine.
  • Wear weights when you train
    • It will make your cardio workouts more effective. By adding extra weight, you will burn more calories and tone faster.

Do you want more workout tips to make your workouts more fun, more effective and so that you can actually enjoy yourself?

Have a look at these tips for The Best Exercise To Lose Weight to find more of those awesome tips. Try to implement one tip each day and you will be leaner, healthier and fitter in just a few weeks.

Exercise And Calories Burned

Any regular exercise will help you to burn off calories to create an energy deficit. And if you have an energy deficit, you will lose weight. If you want to spend your time only on the activities that burn the most calories, you will reach that deficit faster and lose more weight. For a complete list of the most popular exercises to lose weight and the calories burned, have a look at this article – popular activities and calories burned. So, which of these exercises burns more calories than the rest? Here are some of the top exercise activities in each category:

For the complete list see the link – calories in exercise activities .

  • Housework
    • You will burn the most calories if you rake leaves from your garden or if you cook a home-cooked meal from scratch
  • Gym machines
  • Outdoor activities
    • Rope jumping and swimming will help you burn the most calories when getting active outdoors
  • Fun activities
    • Dancing and skate-boarding will help you burn the most calories while having fun

For more exercises that you can do to burn calories and the amount of calories that you can burn with the activities, have a look at this article – exercise activites and calories burned.

This list includes housework, gym exercise machines, outdoor activities and fun activities.

All The Exercise Equipment You Will Ever Need

All exercise equipment are beneficial to losing weight, but if I had to name the best exercise equipment to lose weight, it would probably be dumbell weights and a jumping rope or other cardio equipment.

Here is a list of weight training exercise equipment you can have a look at to help you lose weight

  • Adjustable dumbells adjustable dumbells can be adjusted to multiple weight loads
  • Gym bench – You will need a gym bench to do weight lifting on.
  • Sit up bench – A sit up bench will assist in building strong abs.
  • Squat rack – Use the squat rack to assist with squats and chest exercises.

Here is a list of cardio equipment and machines to get you started:

Here is a list of more exercise machines for you to have a look at

Need Some Extra Help?

If you are looking for the best exercise to lose weight, I can highly recommend the Max Workouts program. The exercises are short and super effective – giving you better results in less time. I also love the exercise library of videos where you can see exactly how to do the best exercises

You can find some of the most effective, fun and short (under 30 minutes) exercises at the Max Workouts site .

  • Learn exactly how to do the most effective exercises to help you lose weight
  • Get your 90 day training program and diet plan to transform your body in as little as 90 days
  • Get access to a comprehensive video library with the best exercise to lose weight on the Max Workouts site.
  • Also get free access to the author of the Max Workout program. He will answer all your questions and guide you along the way


So what is the best exercise to lose weight quickly? Without no doubt it is weight training before cardio.

You can find out exactly how to do the most effective and fun weight training and cardio exercises to lose weight at the Max Workout’s site.

With the workouts in Max Workouts , you will burn more calories and lose more fat, as the exercises you do are short (less than 30 minutes) and based on cardio interval training and full body exercises.

But any exercise is good to lose weight, as exercise burns calories and that will make you lose weight.

The important thing to remember is that your good efforts will be worthless if you take in more calories than you burn. This means that you will have to follow a balanced, low calorie eating plan to get the best results. Good luck and never give up!

Bonus – 41 Fast Ways To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight fast, you have to watch what you eat as well. All your hard work in the gym
(exercising) can be wasted, if you stuff your face with too much food most of the time. But what do you do if you don’t know what to eat or how much to eat?

Eating healthy and the right way to lose weight is not that difficult at all if you implement these 41 fast ways to lose weight.

41 Ways might seem like a lot, but if you do one of those tips starting today, you will know exactly what you need to do and not to do to lose weight.
Try to implement one tip each day and you will be surprised at how easy it will be to get rid of that excess pounds. Here are the tips that will help you get the body of your dreams – 41 fast ways to lose weight .

Include those tips together with these best exercises to lose weight and you will soon start to look your best!

Frequently asked questions about The Best Exercise To Lose Weight

What’s The Best At Home Exercise To Lose Weight I Can Do?

You really don’t need a gym to do the best exercise to lose weight. There are numerous exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home or your own backyard. As long as you exercise regularly everyday, you will benefit from any at home exercise to lose weight. Here are some of the cardio choices you have at home: Do any or all of these cardio exercises for an excellent at home workout to help you lose weight and tone.

  • You can invest in any cardio machine, like the stepper or the elliptical trainer to get a great cardio workout in in the comfort of your own home
  • Grab a good quality jumping rope and do these jump rope workouts
  • Or just go for a walk, a run, a swim or explore your city or neighbourhood with your bike

For at home weight training

For at home weight training exercises to lose weight, all you will need is some space and a few pieces of exercise equipment.

  • For at home weight training, you will need a set of adjustable dumbbells, and an exercise ball or a weight training bench.
  • Then just pick your workout from these great weight training exercises to lose weight and you are set to go.

As you can see, you can still get a great weight loss workout in from home, without a fancy gym membership. Any regular, challenging exercise will help you lose weight, whether you do it in or outside of the gym. Have a look at this article on the top exercises and calories burned to find new ideas for exercise and to get an idea of how many calories you will burn.

What’s The Best Aerobic Exercise To Lose Weight?

If you love aerobics and you want to know which one will help you lose weight the fastest, it will be an exercise that is high intensity. So I’d say that both kickboxing and step classes are some of the best aerobic exercise to lose weight. Or you can just have a look at the cardio videos on the Max Workouts site.

What About Running – Is Running The Best Exercise To Lose Weight?

You may wonder about running – is running the best exercise to lose weight? And I would say yes and no. For one – yes because your scale will definitely be showing that you have lost weight, but that weight will probably be because of your muscle loss. And no – because you need muscles to maximize your calorie burn.

Should I Stretch Before Or After My Workout?

Stretching before hand hasn’t proven much if any benefits according to a recent study, and stretching cold muscles might make you susceptible to injuries. So it’s best to stretch all the muscles that you worked after your workout. And don’t forget to warm up briskly before you start with your exercise routine. 5 to 10 minutes on the treadmill or other cardio machine or cardio activity will do.

For How Long And How Hard Should I Exercise To Lose Weight?

It all depends on your fitness levels. If you are very fit, you will probable be able to exercise longer and harder than a person who is merely a beginner. So, it is very important to always work within your comfort and fitness levels and not to push yourself too hard.
If you are a beginner, start exercising 3 times a week and then slowly build your way up to 5 or more times a week. With regards to exercise duration, it’s ideal to exercise an hour every day. But if you are a beginner, start with 20 minutes and then slowly work your way up to an hour.

Why Should I Do Weight Training Workouts To Lose Weight?

Lifting weights is your key to burning more calories at rest, boosting your metabolism and burning off a ton of fat. A recent study has shown that women on average burns 420 calories more in the 24 hours after weight training, compared to when they didn’t weight train – that’s the equivalent of 30 minutes on the cross-trainer. And 2 weight training sessions a week can reduce your overall body fat by 3% in just 3 weeks – helping you to look leaner and more toned. As you can see, weight lifting is really one of the best exercises to lose weight and burn off fat. Have a look at my article on the best weight training exercise to lose weight for sample weight training workouts to get you started.

Or for handy video illustrations of the best weight training exercise to lose weight, have a look at the growing library of exercise at the Max Workouts site.

When Should I Do Cardio – Before Or After My Weight Training?

If you thought that it doesn’t matter when you do cardio or weight training, you will be pleasantly surprised. According Shape advisory board member Wayne Westcott, it’s best to do your weight training before your cardio. Here’s why Westcott says so: “Resistance training depletes your glycogen stores, which forces you to burn fat to fuel your cardio workout”. Read the full article here – Shape’s speedy sculpting tips. So you will get the best fat burning effects if you do weight training before cardio

Any of the weight training and cardio exercises to lose weight in this article are great to do. But if you need more help, have a look at the Max Workouts site.

Is It Ok To Skip The Last Few Reps On An Exercise?

First ask yourself, why you want/need to skip the last few reps of the exercise.

Are you too lazy, bored or just in a hurry?

The you will be better off to just complete all the reps of the exercise. This is because you have to stress your muscles if you want them to change and that occurs in the last few reps.

Are the last few reps hard to do?

The last few reps of any best exercise to lose weight will be challenging to do, just put all your effort in and try and finish all your sets.

Are some or most of the reps almost impossible to do?

If you really struggle with getting all your reps done with an exercise, or you compromise your form, trying to complete it, your weights are probable too heavy. Change to a lower weight setting or lighter dumbbells and work your way up from there.

Is It Ok If I Stop To Walk During A Run, Or Should I Continue Pushing For Best Results?

As a rule never push yourself too hard; otherwise you may get injured.

When it comes to running, it is actually a good thing to take a short break between your runs. It helps you run faster, burn more calories, and help you prevent injury.

It’s also great to help you build up endurance so that you can run further next time. But try to stop no more than 3 times in a 30 minute run, or try to build up to that.

Is It Ok If I Rest For Longer Than Prescribed On Normal Exercise Circuits?

Most gym based circuits have rest periods of 30 to 60 seconds, to help you keep your heart rate up and to produce a cardio effect – helping you burn more calories. So it will be best for you if you just push trough and complete the circuit. But if you struggle with a really tough set, or you just need to catch your breath for a second, then its totally Ok to rest for a little while longer. It might also even help you to give your all in the next exercises and that you don’t slack off too much. But for best results, try to make resting longer the exception, not the norm when you do the circuit .

I Don’t Like Traditional Exercises, What Can I Do To Burn Some Calories And Lose Weight?

Your best bet when you don’t like to do traditional exercises (like gym based routines), is to go for something fun and exciting. Take some dance lessons,do Tai Chi or Yoga, play tennis or squash, and do lots of gardening and housework to help you burn off the calories.
Here is a list of more fun activities you can do and the calories burned – choose any or all of these exercises to help you lose weight.

And make sure that your chosen exercise activity complies to these criteria of the best exercise to lose weight and you will be successful.

How Can I Overcome A Fitness Plateau, Where I Don’t Lose Any More Weight?

The easiest way to overcome any fitness plateau (where you dont lose any more weight with exercise), is to mix things up.

With weight training – Do weights the one day, the next day machines and the day after that use your own body weight.

With cardio – Never do the same cardio routine to lose weight, two times in a row, always change your cardio around to keep your body guessing.

Have a look at the exercise videos at the Max Workouts site – they are interesting and never the same; helping you break trough any plateaus.

Can You Recommend Any Good Exercise Programs?

If you are looking for the best workout program to lose weight, here are a few good ones that I highly recommend.

  • Best for quick exercises and fast results – Give Max Workouts a try
    • With the Max Workouts you will get a 90 day workout and diet plan, plus free access to the online video library.
    • The exercises are short (can be done in under 30 minutes) and they are some of the most effective exercises to lose weight that I’ve seen.
    • I especially like the video library where you can learn exactly how to do the best exercise to lose weight
    • Have a look at this great exercise program here – Max Workouts

  • Do you want flat, toned six pack abs? The Truth About Abs program can help you do so,
    • If you want a six pack abs, the truth about abs program is your best bet. But it will also give you a toned, lean body.
    • Have a look at this great flat abs program here – The Truth about Abs

  • Want to look like a bikini model? The Bikini Model Program is your go to guide for looking like a bikini model from head to toe.
    • If you want to look like a cover (bikini) model, the Bikini Model Program is for you.
    • It has one of the most simple and most effective exercise programs to lose weight and get a bikini model body I’ve seen to date.
    • Get your bikini model body now – The Bikini Model Program

What Exercises Can I Do If I Have Injuries?

I’m no doctor or sports scientist, but you may be able to do exercise that don’t involve your injured part. For example if you have an arm injury, you might be able to walk around to get in a good exercise to lose weight. And if you have a leg injury, you might still be able to do some machines at the gym.
Just be gentle on yourself and always check with your doctor before you start any new exercise program, when you are injured or pregnant.

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