Eliptical Machines

You may have heard about the eliptical and may wonder what it is all about. Whether you are already familiar with this weird and wonderful machine or whether you have no clue what an eliptical is, I have the answer.

To help you understand what an eliptical is and whether it would be suited for you, we will look at what an eliptical machine is, its pros and cons, and the top manufactures of eliptical machines. Let’s start!

What Is An Eliptical?

An eliptical trainer is an exercise machine that stimulates the movements of stepping, walking, cycling and skiing. It offers a low-impact workout that tones the whole body – lower body and the upper body – at the same time.

If the name eliptical sound weird to you, here is the explanation: it is called eliptical because of the range of movement that the machine works in – an eliptical, oval shaped movement. Let’s look at the pros and cons of what an eliptical trainer may hold to decide if it is the right machine for you:

Elliptical Cross Trainers – Pros And Cons

Understanding the benefits and the disadvantages will help you to decide if this is the machine for you. Let’s look at them:

Pros of using an eliptical machine

Here are the reasons why you should say YES to the eliptical:

  • Lower impact – The eliptical machine has the lowest impact on your knees and joints compared to other exercise machines.
  • Any one can exercise on it – No matter what your age or fitness levels you can exercise easily on the eliptical.
  • Multi-tasker – The elliptical machine is a dual-action machine, working your upper and lower body at the same time, saving you time in return
  • Adjustable to your fitness levels – The eliptical has adjustable resistances and some even have adjustable inclines to increase as your fitness levels increase

Cons of using a eliptical trainer

Here are the reasons why you may say NO to the eliptical:

  • Storage space needed – Unfortunately you will need space to store your eliptical in. Even the mini eliptical trainers need a little bit of room space.
  • Installation and setup difficulties – Some of the larger models of elipticals may take time to install and some of them even require two people to install it correctly
  • Boredom – if you aren’t prepared, exercising on an eliptical machine may be a bit boring. To avoid this, listen to your favorite music or set a TV up in your gym room.
  • Limit on user profiles – If lots of people are going to use it, the limited user space may become a problem. This is because most ellipticals can only store 2 user profiles.

A Look At The Best Eliptical Manufacturers

If you have decided that you want to invest or just have a look at some of the many eliptical manufacturers. Here are the top 4 to consider (in no particular order):

Proform eliptical manufacturers

Profrom originally specialized in treadmills, but they have also introduced a line of elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and weight benches to accompany their succesfull treadmills. The strong points of their ellipticals are advanced electronics and reliability.

Nordic track eliptical machines

The range of NordicTrack elipticals include Commercial, Ramp and a Space Saver series. The Commercial series are constructed mainly for health clubs and are built for heavy use. The Ramp series was rated the best by leading consumer magazines and they boost of its high quality. The space saver series have an innovative “1-step engineering” allowing for easy storing of the machine. It also includes a function where the stride length is adjusted to exercise various muscles.

Schwinn eliptical trainers

The Schwinn elipticals are smaller than regular elliptical machines and some models include an adjustable stride length and also a BMI calculator. Most reviews that I’ve read also boost about the machines sturdiness.

Lifefitness eliptical machines

The life fitness elipticals are probably the most popular brand used in health clubs worldwide. Their foot peddles are oversized to allow for feet of all shapes and sizes and the pedals are also optimally spaced to minimize back pain caused by lateral hip shifting. The Life Fitness ellipticals also come out in 2 different consoles (beginner and advanced) to adjust to your needs and fitness levels.

Horizon eliptical exercise machines

All Horizon’s fitness products goes through a testing phase and 10 percent of the products goes through a rigorous quality inspection that includes taking the machine apart and reassembling it to make sure that only quality is given. Their elipticals incorporates a heavy duty fly-wheel that promotes a more natural and comfortable stride.


An eliptical machine really is an excellent piece of exercise equipment (its one of my favorites). If you are thinking of investing in one, make sure that you have room to store it and choose an eliptical that fits your budget and your personal needs. And once you have made the investment in an eliptical, make sure that you use it and don’t let it become covered by dust!

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