The Best Exercises for Flat and Lean Abs – 5 Abs Exercises For A Six Pack

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Want Flat Abs?

Abs exercises to give you a tummy to be proud of!

Abs exercises to give you a tummy to be proud of!

If you own a sit-up bench, you may limit yourself to only a few limited exercises. But did you know you can use your bench for more than just sit-ups? You can even use your bench to train your whole body on, depending on it’s maneuverability.

In this article I will share with you 5 effective exercises for flat and lean abs which you can do with the help of your sit-up or other bench. These abs exercises targets all your abs muscles and will give you a flat and toned tummy in no time. And you don’t even need a sit-up or other bench to do these exercises. Just use whichever equipment you have.

Here’s the best 5 exercises for flat abs:

Partner Ball Toss

The partner toss adjusts the traditional crunch so that it works your upper and your lower abs. Have a partner toss a medicine ball for you while you sit in the sit-up bench (or on the floor), go down into the low position, and come up while you throw the ball back to your partner.


Sit-up on exercise ball

Sit-up on exercise ball

How to do the exercise – Adjust your sit-up bench to an incline that you are comfortable with. Position yourself on the sit-up bench and slowly crunch your shoulders and upper back off the sit-up bench. Don’t come all the way up, rather just crunch your upper body up. Or just do a normal crunch if you don’t have equipment.

Lower Abs Crunch

Adjust your sit-up bench so that is flat at a 90 degree angle to the ground (if possible). Sit on the bench’s edge with your hands behind your bum. Slowly extend your legs outwards and slightly downwards and bring them in towards your knees. You can also do this exercise on a BOSU ball if you don’t have a sit-up bench.

Side Sit-Up

How to do the exercise – You perform the side sit-up the same way as you do the traditional sit-up, but instead of crunching straight up, you crunch to the side to targets the obliques.

Sit-Up With Weights

How to do the exercise – The sit-up with weights is the advanced version of the traditional sit-up. Do the sit-up holding a weight, either on your chest or above your head with your elbows bent. It makes it more of a challenge and will give you results faster.

These exercises are the best for getting a flat and sexy six pack in no time. Include them in your exercise routine on a regular basis and you will get the best out of your sit-up bench while also targeting your abs the right way.

As you can see the sit-up bench can give you flat abs with a few minutes of hard work. But if you make weight loss mistakes, you won’t ever lose weight. Find the solution to your weight loss mistakes below.

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