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If you exercise from home or you practice Pilates or yoga, then you will definitely need a fitness mat. Fitness mats can make exercise much more comfortable, and they can offer support to the body while preventing slipping and injuries.

In this article, we’ll look at the different types of fitness mats there are, and then move on to the most popular mats for fitness, to help you find the perfect fitness mat.

Types Of Fitness Mats

There are many different types of fitness mats. In this section, I’ll look at a few for the more popular types.

A fitness yoga mat

A fitness yoga mat is an exercise mat that is specifically designed to practice yoga on. It is usually thicker than regular fitness mats and you can also practice Pilates on it.

Fitness equipment mat

The fitness equipment mat is used to place under fitness equipment (like an elliptical or Pilates machine) to offer extra support and to make sure that the equipment doesn’t slip and to protect the fitness equipment and floor.

Fitness mat for normal exercise

The normal fitness mat can be used for all exercises, and they differ in thickness, size and length. Some of them are compact and can be rolled up and taken with you, to exercise wherever you go. We will look at this type of fitness mat in more detail in this article.

Here are the most popular fitness mats that are available on the market:

1. The Pro fitness exercise mat

The Pro Fitness floor mat is washable and its PVC cover with foam padding is also reversible. It includes an exercise booklet which includes the types of exercises one can do on a fitness mat.

Who is Pro Fitness?

Pro fitness has been a manufacturer of fitness equipment for the last 20 years. They manufacture all their equipment in their own manufacturing plant and strive to provide excellent quality for the fitness industry.

Pro Fitness exercise mat specifications

  • Material : P.V.C.
  • Dimensions : (H)0.95cm, (W)60cm, (L)120cm
  • Extra Features: Product includes a plastic buckle for fastening together with a strap handle with soft foam grip for comfort and portability. Can be stored away easily under a bed or in a closet.

Where can I buy the Pro Fitness Mat?

What others said about the Pro Fitness exercise mat?

  • “Good protection and comfort but mine wore down easily with time” – guest review at

2. Reebok core fitness mat

The Reebok fitness mat is thicker than most fitness mats, so it may also be more comfortable and easier on the joints. It also unrolls easily and lay flats. The only complaint that I’ve seen of the Reebok fitness mats is that it may have an unpleasant odor because of the rubber used in the material. Let’s look at its specifications:

  • Material : Rubber
  • Dimensions : 23 inches x 73 inches
  • Extra Features: Adjustable Straps for roll-up storage, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, portable and compact.

Where can I buy the Reebok fitness mat

What do others say about the Reebok core fitness mat?

  • “This mat is spongy, thick and very comfortable” – user comment on
  • “the mat STINKS. It has a horrible odor” – user comment on

3. Yoga Fitness Mad Studio mat

This fitness mat is designed specifically for Yoga, Pilates, exercise and therapy. It’s more suited to those exercises because of the thicker surface. It also uses a closed cell technology to eliminate bacteria and to keep it clean.

It comes out in two lengths – a 140cm mat for travel and a 180cm mat to use in a studio or your own home gym. Let’s look at its specifications.

  • Material : Recyclable TPE, PVC free (closed cell impermeable foam)
  • Dimensions :180cm x 60cm x 15mm
  • Extra Features: Double sided surface for extra variation, 15mm thick, recyclable and portable.

What do others say about the Yoga Fitness Mad Studio mat?

  • ” I can now do my Pilates without feeling the floor boards or having the mat move while exercising. A good investment…” – user review on

Where can I buy the Fitness Mad Studio Mat?

4. Pilates Mad Core fitness mat

This is a thinner and lighter version of the Yoga Fitness Mad Studio mat. The Pilates Mad Core fitness mat is designed to aid in Pilates practice. It is ribbed on one side to improve the grip and to offer better stability. Here are its specifications:

  • Material: NBR foam – DOP, AZO, Heavy Metal and Phenol Free
  • Dimensions: 10mm x 182cm x 58cm
  • Extra Features: 10mm thick, top side is ribbed while the bottom is smooth, uses closed cell foam, can be wiped clean, can also be rolled up for easy transportation and storage.

What do others say about the Pilates Mad Core fitness mat?

  • “Comfortable even when kneeling” – user review on
  • “could do with a proper cover” – user review on
  • “great thickness and size for pilates” – user review on

Where can I buy the Pilates Mad Core fitness mat?

Other Fitness Mats

Here are a few other fitness mats to also have a look at:

The Wii fitness mat

The Wii fitness mat used with the Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit, to add support to your exercise and to protect your equipment and the floor. It is a bit more expensive than a regular fitness mat, but if you are a Wii Fit fan, its worth looking into.

What do others say about the Wii fitness mat?

  • “If you can fint a regular yoga mat for cheaper, you should buy that one…” – Amazon.
  • “.has a nifty velcro strap for quick storage and looks great with the Wii Fit package” amazon

Where can I buy the Wii fitness mat?

Carl Lewis fitness ab roller with DVD & mat

The fitness mat and DVD is just an added bonus in this package. The ab roller is the star of this package with its supporting head to ease pressure on your back and neck. It helps you to sculpt your ab muscles, increase your form and it also makes sit-ups easier, safer and more comfortable.

What do others say about the Carl Lewis fitness ab roller with DVD & mat?

  • “the ab roller makes it easy to keep the right position” – user review on
  • “Roller was easy to put together, good quality for price, solid” – user review on
  • “The ab roller is a great motivator” – user review on
  • “The included mat is quite nice, too…” – user review on

Where can I buy the Carl Lewis fitness ab roller with DVD & mat?

Lonsdale fitness mat

Where can I buy the Lonsdale fitness mat?


A fitness mat really is a necessity to exercise with. If you are exercising from home, or you attend Pilates, Yoga or other Fitness classes, it will be a great investment to buy your own fitness mat. Just make sure that you use your fitness equipment!

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