1000 Calorie Sample Diet – Example 1000 Calorie A Day Diet

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1000 Calorie sample diet – Example 1000 calorie a day diet

Do you wonder how a 1000 calorie diet would look like? Do you ever wonder if it is just another starvation diet or if it is totally doable? If you have, you will find the answers in this article. We will look at a 1000 calorie sample diet in this article. Have a look and see for yourself:

Sample 1000 Calorie Diet

This is what a 1000 calorie a day diet would look like. It doesn’t contains much calories, so it might not be suited for your specific body composition or needs. So better be on the safe side and consult with your doctor first before under going on any new diets.

  • Breakfast: Cooked oats with fat free milk and artificial sweetener
  • Snack: 100g fat free yogurt
  • Lunch: Tuna salad (low fat salad dressing) and 1 slice rye bread.
  • Snack: Apple
  • Dinner: 1 skinless chicken breast and mixed veg (carrots, baby marrows, onions, mushrooms and patty pans)
  • Snack: Diet hot chocolate (like Cadbury high-lights)

It is also best to only do light exercise when you are on a calorie restricted diet. Anything like walking, biking, swimming and light weight training will be OK.

I hope this 1000 calorie sample diet has helped you to see what such a diet would contain and whether it is the right one for you. I always recommend that you stick to the healthy diets and that you also follow a regular exercise program.

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