How To Stop Binge Eating On Weekends

The weekend is looming closer and for some of us that means that the weekend binge is on it’s way. Weekend binge eating is a common thing for many gals and guys like you and me. Whether is is that you binge eat because you think you deserve it or you are too lazy to prepare food on weekends and you eat take-aways and snack constantly, there are a solution for binge eating. You don’t have to let binge eating spoil your good diet intentions. Here are 5 ways to stop binge eating in its tracks.

1. Practice some control

Rather than having the whole slab of chocolate or the whole packet of cookies, practice some control. You can still treat yourself with some chocolate or cookies. But try to limit the amount of times you do so and try to only have a few instead of all of it.

2. Have a consistent eating pattern

Eating small meals (6) more often will help you to keep full and make it less likely to binge eat. It will also increase your metabolism. You can also have one cheat meal if you have completed your goals for the week (to eat healthy and exercise regularly) in the weekend if you like. That will also ensure that you don’t binge.

3. Balance your meals out

If you know that you are going to have an indulgent dinner, try to have a super healthy and lean breakfasts and lunches to balance the unhealthy dinner out. That way you won’t pile on that much pounds and you won’t feel as guilty after your dinner.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise increases appetite control and also burns of excess calories. Making it less probable to snack and also help you to burn off the cheat meal. Have a look at Max Workouts for video illustrations of the best exercises to lose weight, that you can do in less than 30 minutes.

5. Stop the voice in your head

Stopping the little voice in your head that encourages you to overeat or to eat junk food will also help you to control your binge eating. So next time you hear yourself say “I deserve it (a whole slab of chocolate and crisps) counter it with ” I will practice control” and then have a few blocks of chocolate to reward yourself.

This tips are sure to help you to control your weekend binge eating that spoils your diet and figure. Including cheat meals can also help you to get your binge eating in, but to limit it to one day only, and only if you have eaten correctly the rest of the times.

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