How to Stop Emotional Eating – Tips To Stop Eating Emotionally

You can free yourself from emotional eating with these tips

You can free yourself from emotional eating with these tips

Do you struggle with emotional eating and wish it could just all end? You are not alone. Lots of people struggle with eating emotionally. These tips will ensure that you get to grips with your eating and will help you to stop overeating when you are emotional.

Follow a healthy, balanced diet (and stick to it!)

You might find that you have less impulse to eat emotionally if you follow a healthy, balanced diet. Getting all the nutrients you need to function well is very important to avoid bad eating habits. The best thing for avoiding emotional eating is to avoid fad diets. Make sure that your meals include healthy fats, lean proteins and healthy unprocessed whole-grain carbs like fruit, vegetables and grains.

Eat 6 small, healthy and balanced meals

Eating smaller meals more often will help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and you will have less cravings. You will also feel that you are fuller and have more energy. It will be very difficult to eat emotionally if you are full and satisfied. You can make sure you avoid impulse eating by eating 6 small, healthy meals every 3-4 hours. And also always make sure that you have healthy handbag snacks with you at all times.

If your’ve going to cheat – Make your cheats healthier

If you want to eat something unhealthy or fattening, go ahead, just make that food healthier. For instance if you are in the mood for a hamburger, rather make your own at home or order the kiddies burger (without chips). Or if you are in the mood for a chocolate milkshake make your own with chocolate whey powder and frozen yogurt.

Comfort yourself without food and you’ll feel much better!

If you are in need for some comfort, look elsewhere than food to feel better. Go shopping and treat yourself with a new pair of shoes. Or go for a spa treatment or watch a feel good movie. You will soon find that you don’t need food to comfort yourself.

Get preoccupied and the cravings might go away

If you get the urge to eat emotionally, get busy with something else instead. One of the best things is to go for a walk. It will clear your mind and you will soon forget that you wanted to eat emotionally. And check if you had your small meal for that time of the day.

Remind yourself about what you will feel like

Write down exactly what you feel like after you’ve eaten emotionally. Write down every emotion and exactly what it makes you feel like. If you read that it makes you even sadder or even mad at yourself, you might think twice about eating emotionally the next time.

Have only half and work it off (best case scenario)

If you really want to have some chocolate or crisps and you can’t hold out. Rather go to the gym first, work up a sweat and then have half of the treat when you come home. You may find that you aren’t even in the mood for the food anymore. But if you are, just have half of what you would normally have. Doing so won’t hinder your weight loss and you will still lose weight.

I’m sure that with the help of these smart and effective tips, you will soon get a grip on your emotional eating. Just remember that beating the emotional eat demon is vital for your long term weight loss success.

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