Is Fast Food Healthy? Find out The Truth About Fast Food Here

Why not all junk food is unhealthy…

Should you be worried about eating fast food?

Should you be worried about eating fast food?

Calorie controlled take-away meals are OK

You’d expect a taco to be unhealthy and full of empty calories and fat, but the nutritional data say otherwise. Weighing in at just 170 calories for a normal Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco, it’s the perfect size for a light meal or snack. There are less starchy carbs and more vegetables in a taco, making the total calorie count much less than most hamburgers.

Watch your fat intake

And depending on which burger you choose, the fat contents of a taco is either the same or less than the burger. This is because a taco and a burger usually uses the same type of beef and cheese. If you order a double burger, the fat contents and the calorie contents can more than double. So it’s best to stick to the plainer version of fast food to cut down on calories and fat. What makes take-away food unhealthy then?

If some junk food is not unhealthy, what makes junk foods unhealthy?

High sodium contents

For one, the sodium contents in fast food is extremely high. You will find at least 300 mg of sodium in a take-away food item. Consume such junk food often and your health (and figure) may take a toll. High sodium intake can lead to hypertension, abdominal heart development, osteoporosis, kidney disorders and dehydration. So it’s best to limit the times that you eat junk food.

High saturated fat contents

More than half of the fat that’s in fast food comes from saturated fat. Saturated fat clogs your arteries and may lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. For optimal healthy you need to keep your fat intake in check. Regularly consuming junk food will make that difficult to do.

How to enjoy fast food without harming your health or figure (yes you can!)

Try to limit your intake of take-aways

Limit your intake of junk food as an excessive consumption may contribute to obesity and health risks. If you exercise regularly during the week and you eat mostly healthily, you can indulge in a weekly burger or taco without harming your health or figure.

Strive to make wiser choices

Most of the times the plainer items on the menu, such as the plain Taco Bell, Doritos Locos Taco, is much healthier than the double/supreme/big items. You can make wiser choices by choosing the plainer, lower calorie and fat items (check the nutritional booklet) and by choosing healthier sides. Eat a salad before your burger and taco and you won’t have the urge to overeat. And don’t gulp your meal down with a sugar laden soft drink, opt for the diet version or choice water or juice.


As you can see you don’t have to say no if taco bell hands out a free Doritos Locos Taco. With the help of these tips, you can easily include take-aways into your diet without harming your health or figure.  Thanks for reading my article! Please leave a comment to let me know your opinion about fast food! Do you think fast food is healthy for you or not?


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