Pilates Machines

Pilates machines makes Pilates practice easier and more fun.

Pilates is the latest fitness craze, and if you are also a fan of Pilates, but have never tried a Pilates workout machine, I am here to help shed some light on the most popular Pilates exercise machines out there.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • The benefits of using pilates machines
  • The different types of pilates machines available
  • As well as the types of accessories available (like pilates machine DVDs) that will help enhance your Pilates workout experience.

Let’s start by looking at what a Pilates machine is.

What Is A Pilates Machine?

At the most basic level, a Pilates exercise machine is a exercise machine that helps you practice Pilates. It usually offers added resistance, as well as extra support.

Most of the Pilates workout machines have back and neck supports, and most also have different resistance bands.

You get Pilates exercise machines that have the added benefit of cardio (the Aero Pilates machine types) and then you get Pilates machines that fold flat and can be stored under your bed (like the Ellen Croft pilates machine).

And then you also get the traditional Pilates machine, which is usually referred to as Pilates reformer machines.

The Best Pilates Machines That Are Excellent Value For Your Money

Here are a few Pilates machines that I recommend you look at:

While there is nothing wrong with using only matwork to do Pilates, doing Pilates machine exercises add extra resistance and support to your workout. This means you will get a better workout and you will burn more calories and fat in the same time.

The Pilates machine also offers neck and back support (where the mat don’t) and it help you to maintain the correct posture. This is great, especially because you usually won’t have an instructor with you to correct your posture if you are exercising from home.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pilates Fitness Machine?

The benefits of using a Pilates Machine is similar to exercise in general, which include:

  • A faster metabolism
  • More energy
  • Better posture
  • Toned and defined muscles
  • Body fat percentage decrease
  • Increased mood and decreased anxiety

What Pilates Machine Exercises Are There To Do?

A Pilates machine exercises your whole body, with the focus on your core (your abs, lower back and hip flexors), your lower body and your upper body.

Some Pilates exercise machines also allow you to do a cardio workout (like the Aero pilates machine). You can also do stretching and warm up exercises on your Pilates machine.

What Disadvantages Does A Home Pilates Machine Have?

Most Pilates machines are quite big and you would need enough space to store your Pilates machine in. If storing space is going to be a problem to you, you should look at Pilates machines that can fold up and stack underneath your bed for storage.

Some Pilates reformer machines, as well as the Ellen Croft pilates machine, have this ability and can fold and be stored under your bed.

The other disadvantage is that it is a big investment as they can be quite expensive. You have to make sure that you schedule regular workout, otherwise it is just money down the drain.

What Types Of Pilates Machines Are Available?

There are plenty of Pilates exercise machines available these days, but the 3 most popular types are:

The Pilates Reformer machine

This is the traditional and basic machine for Pilates. It adds resistance to your Pilates workouts, and it improves your posture and alignment when exercising. Some of the types of Pilates reformer machines include ( you can click on the name or picture for more information about each machine ):


The Aero Pilates machine

This Pilates machine includes a trampoline like footbed, that combines the benefits of Pilates with cardio. Bouncing horizontally on the aero Pilates machine’s footbed has a low impact and it is very gentle on your joints. It also allows you to reach and maintain your target heart rate as effectively as with a treadmill. There are various types of Aero pilates machines available, whih include:


For more information, check out my post about AeroPilates Machines.

The Ellen Croft Pilates machine

This machine is also known as the Supreme Pilates machine. It was developed by Ellen Croft (a former horse training assistant, but now Pilates expert teacher). This machine combines the benefits of a mat workout with studio equipment. It’s main advantage is that it can be folded and stored neatly under your bed and it is also much smaller than regular Pilates exercise machines. You can read more about the Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates machine by clicking the link.

What Are The Best Pilates Machine Dvds Available?

There are plenty of Pilates workout DVDs available to suit all the different fitness levels and needs. Some great Pilates DVDs include:

Pilates Powerhouse DVD Set


This collection contains the following workouts:

  • Pilates Powerhouse Workout
  • Easy Pilates
  • Cardio Pilates

Stamina AeroPilates Upper Body Workout Series DVD and Stamina AeroPilates Lower Body Workout Series DVD

[DFR:category-embed?c=1091275&name=Stamina AeroPilates]
These 30 minute workout DVDs are for use with the Pilates reformer machine, and focuses mainly on strengthening your upper body, lower body and core.

The New Method 20/20 Series – Perfect Pilates Exercise DVD

[DFR:category-embed?c=1091696&name=perfect pilates]
This Pilates video is provides a workout that is a combination Of Pilates and dance moves, which is a great way to stay in shape.

The Method – Pilates Target Zones: Upper-Mid-Lower Body Exercise DVD

[DFR:category-embed?c=1091696&name=pilates target zones]
This Pilates DVD specifically concentrates on your whole body. It integrates Yoga, Pilates and dance moves.

Where Can I Buy Pilates Exercise Machines And Workout Dvds

I would recommend you check out any of the following deals:


If you are a fan of Pilates and you have extra space in your house to store the machine, it might be the right machine for you. But whether you buy a Pilates exercise machine, or if you practice Pilates without it, the important thing to remember is to get regular exercise in and to eat healthy.

The cost of being unhealthy is just too great. If you stay committed to your fitness goals and you stay motivated, you will surely succeed. Just stay motivated and dedicated and never give up!

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