The Stepper Machine – Step Your Way to a Toned Bum With Your Own Step Machine

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A stepper machine can give you legs like these!

A stepper machine can give you legs like these!

The good news:

If you want to have a rear view to be truly proud of, then the stepper fitness machine should be one of your top considerations when it comes to choosing an exercise machine.

Your only dilemma:

But as there is not only one type of stepper machine, but actually quite a few different ones, you have to have a look at the different stepper machines first before being able to make your decision.


But if you still need some convincing about why a stepper exercise machine would be the one for you, have a look at the many benefits of exercising on a stepper step machine.

The solution!

And after you have looked at the benefits of a stepper machine and you have decided that you want to step your way lean, have a look at the more popular stepper machines that are available these days to help you choose the right one for you.

Benefits Of Using A Stepper Machine

Let’s first look at some of the benefits of stepper machines:

  • Tones and sculpts – It tones and sculpts the whole lower body – giving you a firm rear, toned thighs and calves.
  • Burns fat – As stepping involves using the largest muscles in the body (your leg muscles) and also involves using resistance, it makes it a great exercise for burning fat
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness levels – It may not be as good as say an elliptical machine to improve your fitness levels, but a stepper also improves your fitness levels and endurance.

The Different Types Of Steppers Machines

As mentioned before, there are lots of different types of stepper machines – some include a full body workout while others focus on toning the core (the muslces of your abs, lower back and hip flexors) as well.

Let’s have a look at the different types of stepper machines to help you make your decision:

The Mini Stepper Machine

The mini stepper machine is, just as the name suggests, a small stepper machine that most of the time only includes the feet part of the machine. It is truly a portable stepper machine as you can take it with you wherever you go to get a great workout in.

Here are a few Mini Stepper Machines that I recommend you check out:

If you are interested in a mini stepper exercise machine then read this report on mini steppers: mini stepper

The stair stepper machine

The stair stepper machines are a bit bigger than the mini and other stepper machines. But they are usually also much more stable and more advanced that the smaller models.

Here are some Stair Stepper Machines that I recommend you check out:

One of the best stair stepper exercise machines is the StairMaster SC916 Stepper, available from .

Its features include:

  • Display: Backlit LCD console displaying steps, calories burned, time, and other. It supports a 15-inch LCD TV (sold separately).
  • Dimensions and weight: 27 x 68 x 43 inches, 155 pounds
  • Extras included (depending on where you buy): 10 workout programs – fat burner, calorie burner, random, and manual, 15-year warranty on frame, includes side handrails, maximum user weight 300-pounds,comes with a water bottle holder and accessory tray, Space-saving needs no more than 2′ x 4′ of floor space, includes polar chest strap and compatible telemetric Heart Rate monitoring.

The elliptical stepper machine

The elliptical stepper machine can be one of two things: it either includes elliptical workout arms to also tone the upper body or it moves in an elliptical way (like the elliptical machine) to tone different body parts and to allow for a more natural movement.

Here are a few Elliptical Stepper Machines that I recommend you check out:

The Stamina 55-2065 Dual Action Elite Programmable Elliptical / Stepper is a great elliptical stepper exercise machine. It can be used as both a stepper and an elliptical machine.

Its features are:

  • Display: Battery-operated monitor displaying the time, height, weight, RPM, speed, distance, fat percentage, calories burned, metabolism rate, and heart rate.
  • Dimensions and weight: 46 inches long x 30-3/4 inches wide and weighs 153 pounds.
  • Extras included (depending on where you buy: Includes elliptical arms for a full body workout, 12 workouts, creating and saving four personalized workouts

Extracts of the elliptical stepper machine reviews:

  • “This is a smooth, sophisticated, state of the art machine, totally quiet and extremely comfortable”
  • “This is the coolest piece of equipment that I have ever owned.”
  • “purchased this product a month ago and have been nothing but happy with it.

The twist stepper workout machine

If you want to work on your abs as well as tone your lower body at the same time, then a twist stepper machine will be the perfect machine for you. It includes a twisting movement to work the obliques (your side abs) as you tone your lower body.

Here are a few Twist Stepper Workout Machines that I recommend you check out:

The Cardio Twist Stepper is an example of such a machine.

  • Display: Digital
  • Dimensions and weight: 45 x 26 x 56″.
  • Extras included (depending on where you buy: 5 function digital training console, meal plans, and 2 workout DVDs.

The side stepper machine

The side stepper machine enables you to step from side to side instead of the normal up and down step movement. This enables you to tone the inner and outer thighs and the buttocks from another angle, targeting different muscles. These types of steppers sometimes also come in the form of resistance bands, that allow you to exercise the same muscles, but for much cheaper!

Check out the following Side Steppers:

The Cory Everson Side to Side Stepper is an example of such a side stepper. Here are some of its specifications and also what other people are saying about it:

  • Display: LCD display of the time, calories burned and total steps
  • Dimensions and weight: 23.8 x 12.5 x 22.6 inches; 9 pounds
  • Extras included (depending on where you buy: a 28 day weight loss and meal plan.

Extracts of the side stepper machine reviews:

  • “It works good with the side to side movement and reasonably stays in one place “
  • “Other than that the smell of the rubber that they use for the tension bands is very bad.”


Exercising regularly on a stepper machine is an excellent way of burning fat and getting lean and toned (especially in your lower body area). It is also great for improving your endurance and cardio fitness levels.

Just make sure that you have enough space available to store your stepper exercise machine (otherwise you can opt for the mini stepper machine) and also schedule regular time to exercise on the machine.

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